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Your wedding should highlight the aspects of your life, that you love the most. 


We work with each individual couple to get an idea of exactly what they are looking for, but we have general packages to explain some of our services. We are more than happy to take pieces of different packages and bring them together into the perfect planning environment for you!

We like to start with a design and planning consultation to get an idea of your vision, personality, style, and most importantly, budget. After a consultation we are able to find out exactly which vendors will fit your needs, as well as what type of coordination will work the best. From the time of the first consultation to the last dance, you will be working with the same coordinators. No matter what question you have, or suggestion you would like to make, you will always be able to contact the same person you originally met with.

After our consultation, we will contact you again, virtually or in person depending on location, and go over each aspect we have put together. This includes our vendor recommendations -if needed-, design board for your specific event, and details on your planning needs.

On the big day, we will be the first to arrive to your venue and the last to leave. We will make sure everything runs smoothly and on time, from the flowers being delivered to the last table folded up.


Each wedding will receive budget advice and assistance throughout the process, day-of coordination services, event timeline creation, and as many fun and exciting emails from us as you can handle.


Wedding Planning & Design

Let us handle the details while you tell us the vision. We will guide the way through the planning process and make sure each aspect is taken care of. We will handle the questions, logistics and meetings of vendors, while passing on any design information to you. We want you to be involved to the extent that you are able and chose to be, but always remain excited about your event. We are available when you need our assistance, but leave you to creative control of designs and details. 

Wedding Coordination

It’s your event, let us handle the logistics. This includes time and vendor management, final details, and we are all yours starting from the rehearsal until the very last guest leaves. We will offer suggestions along the way, and guide you through the process. We will guide you through with vendor recommendations, and we are happy to email you whenever there is a question. We want you to be stress free and enjoy the day! This service starts 30 days before your wedding because we feel that is essential to ensure correct management and execution of your big day. 

Wedding services starting at $1,900

Our Events and Design wedding planning team are individuals who want to ensure that your vision is brought to life and your wedding day is handled with intention and care. From the very beginning when you start planning your wedding until the very end when you are enjoying your honeymoon, we want you to be celebrating this special season of life. The months leading up to your wedding and the many years after it ends are even more important than the big day itself.

Cherish every occasion throughout the journey. 



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