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Planning Your Kansas City Wedding Shower

Updated: Jan 11

Your friends are getting married, which means it’s time to plan their wedding shower! Slightly different from a bridal shower, a wedding shower is for both partners, and friends and family from both sides are invited. Wedding showers are so much fun, but certainly can require a lot of hard work and planning to successfully pull off. Whether you’re the maid of honor, a member of the wedding party, or just a friend or family member who wants to have a party, familiarize yourself with our Wedding Showers 101 so you can throw the shower that the happy couple in your life deserves!

The Food

One of the most important aspects of any event is the food! There are a few things to consider when choosing food for a wedding shower: number of guests, shower theme, and the preference of the guests of honor. You want to have a spread that has enough food, as well as enough variety, to satiate all of your guests. Be sure to consider dietary restrictions and have options that allow everyone to eat. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to include the couples favorite treats; it is their shower, after all!

The Drinks

Equally as important as the food, or maybe even more so, are the drinks! It’s a good idea to include some non-alcoholic beverages for the shower, but to be honest, you have so many more options with alcoholic ones! You can come up with some many cute, delicious, and Insta-worthy cocktails that really bring the shower to the next level! As well as being one of the stars of the shower, alcoholic beverages make great party favors, as seen with these mini bottles of wine. So cute!

The Decor Decor can make or break a wedding shower! Start by deciding on a theme. This can be as simple as “the color pink” or as specific as “that disco scene in Mamma Mia.” You want to strive for decor that is fun, on-theme, and that the guests of honor will appreciate! Simply put, if one of them hates the color green, don’t decorate with all green. Generally, your guests just want to see that you’ve put in a little effort. It truly is the thought that counts!

The Entertainment One of the most fun parts about a shower is the fun games you get to play! There are so many options: trivia, bingo, two truths and a lie, and the newlywed game (even though they aren’t quite there yet!) are all great options! A mix of games that include the guests and that just include the couple are ideal, allowing for guests to choose when they want to participate and when they just want to sit back and relax. Throwing a wedding shower for your soon-to-be-married loved ones can seem like a daunting task, but with a little preparation and effort, you can have a party that is fun for everyone involved and that shows just how much you care about your friends!

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